Telemarketing to generate leads can be a great way to market for small or large businesses.  Telemarketed leads have several advantages over other lead sources available.  In some cases they can be cheaper.  If you hire a telemarketer directly the leads will be exclusive, with many other lead sources (especially if you are purchasing leads generated on the internet) leads are shared with multiple competitors, and this can really effect your closing rates.

Hiring someone to make calls to generate your leads will also have the added advantage that you are able to control the script and the questions being asked.  The leads will give you only the information you need for your businesses, and nothing else.  This has the added benefit that you can tailor the process as needed to give you more qualified leads, or more volume with less information.

The reason telemarketing lead generation is such a great fit for so many businesses is that its affordable, it frees up existing staff for higher value activities and if done correctly it can really add to the bottom line.telemarketing lead generation image1