Choosing a Telemarketing Provider

Once you have a basic idea about what you want to get from your lead generation telemarketing campaign its time to decide on a provider to actually make the calls.  There are two main types of providers, individuals and telemarketing companies that you can choose from.  Both have benefits and drawbacks.  Independent telemarketers are often lower priced, and its possible to find some very talented people at a great price.

However, if you are new to hiring a remote telemarketer its often better to go with a company to start.  Payment terms are more secure.  There is accountability, and in case there is agent turn over you are not back to square one.  The biggest upside to working with an independent provider is that the price will be much much lower than going through a company.  That being said both solutions are much lower in cost than using a US based employee and the added price of using a center is quickly offset by the time it saves you screening agents and restaffing if needed.