Lead Generation Campaign Management

Once you have a telemarketing lead generation campaign set up the work isn’t completely done.  Chances are there are things that will need to be corrected to improve the process and quality.  As mentioned before even a professional telemarketing company won’t have your level of expertise about your business and clients.  If you have the time being highly involved at the outset of a new campaign can pay big dividends later.  Once everything has been ironed out you’ll be left with a complete process that is scalable and that doesn’t depend on an individual agent to complete successfully.

Ways to be involved:

  • Listen to recordings of live calls.
  • Allow your telemarketer to listen in to calls you make.
  • Make calls yourself and follow the script and materials the telemarketer has EXACTLY.
  • Ask the telemarketer to write down common questions they hear on calls.
  • Make slight script changes and compare results.


Expanding Your Telemarketing Campaign

Now that you have a telemarketing lead generation process that is delivering results its time to consider expanding.  Only grow if it makes sense for your business.  Everyone could use more sales leads, but there does come a point of diminishing returns if you don’t have the time to follow up with them all.  Scaling up a campaign also means more agents calling, and depending on your process, more management time.  Keep the bottom line in mind when you think about growth.  Most telemarketing companies will let you add one agent at a time so the growth can be controlled.