Lead Generation Script Writing

One of the most important aspects of having a successful lead generation campaign is crafting a script that works.  While many services that provide telemarketing will have scripts on file its recommended that you write your own script, at least as a guide so you are getting the leads you want.  The reasons for this are:

  • You will always know your business and customers better than the telemarketing company you hire.
  • A script crafted for your particular offering will sound better than a generic script that prospects may have heard from your competitors.
  • The script will be tailored to generate leads you really want, and won’t have extra questions that are irrelevant to your needs.

While its important to have a script that works for you there are a number of techniques that you can use to improve conversion rates.

  • Keep it simple, let the prospect know why you’re calling and why they should care.
  • Don’t waste their time, if it takes 5 words to get to the point don’t write 10 words.
  • The point of this script is to generate interest, qualify the prospect, and let them know you will be following up with more information.  Nothing else should be included.

Here is a basic script outline you can follow.  Remember to keep it short and once you written everything out go through and see if there is anything that can be removed:

  • Agents name, business name, reason for call
    • “Hi this is AGENTS NAME calling from XYZ company, I’m just calling to let you know that…”
  • A short question with an affirmative answer
    • “I have your address listed as …, is that correct?”
  • 2-3 Sentences describing the offering
  • Any additional verification questions
  • Ask for permission for follow up action (“thanks for your time, I’ll have someone follow up with more information.”)

Once you have your script finished its not set in stone.  Most successful lead generation telemarketing campaigns require some tweaking of the script to get things optimized.  Its also important to write rebuttals for frequently asked questions that callers might be asked.