HVAC Lead Script

Hi ____________, this is AGENT calling from Air Conditioner Services Company.  We’ll have a crew in your neighborhood doing some work this week and while we are out there our company is offering free quotes on air conditioner cleaning and repairs for home owners in the area.

Rebuttals to common questions:

  • We’re offering free quotes with no obligation.
  • This time of the year our rates are lower, and once it starts getting hot out most air con companies in the area have a week long waiting list to fix broken units.
  • We can also take a look at your heating system while we’re there and let you know if its running efficiently.


  • That’s great, I just need to verify we have your information correct:


  • I have your name as…
  • and your address as…
  • and your phone number…
  • What is the best time for you on DAY?

Thanks for your time and just to confirm we’ll be stopping by on DAY/TIME to take a look at ____ and get you a quote on having some work done.  Have a great day.