Education Lead Telemarketing

Continuing education programs have been taking advantage of telemarketings services to generate leads for years.  These are some of the most successful and profitable campaigns in outbound call centers for the simple reason that they work.

Some common continuing education telemarketing campaigns are:

  • Vocational training leads
  • Online college leads
  • Graduate level education leads

Because the specifics of each lead generating campaign will vary based on each client’s requirements here are a few items to consider before launching a telemarketing campaign:

  • Don’t over complicate things – get to the point and generate a lead, don’t try to sell on the first call.
  • The beginning of each call should contain a brief greeting, the reason for the call and what is in it for the prospect, within 25-30 seconds.
  • Instead of asking for new information first ask verification questions such as “I show your zip code as…”  This will allow the telemarketer to establish trust with the prospect.
  • Generating interest and doing some simple verification work should be the primary goal of each call.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to pack too much into each call.

Education Lead Generating Scripts

Here are a couple basic education lead generating scripts.  You might need to change the format and content to match your specific needs.  Remember the tips on this page while creating your script to make your first draft something that will get good conversions.

Online College Lead Script
HVAC Training Lead Script