Energy Lead Telemarketing

Many green energy companies are using telemarketing to get the word out on their services and gain new customers.  With the explosive growth in this industry people are becoming aware, telemarketing is a great way to move them to the next step with a call to action that can save them money and help protect the environment.

Some of the common telemarketing campaigns for the energy industry are

  • Solar
  • Green construction
  • Energy meters

The process for each of these telemarketing campaigns will be different based on the product or service being offered.  Here are some item to consider before getting a telemarketing campaign under way:

  • Make the campaign simple –  often the simplest processes yield the best results.
  • The beginning of each call should contain a brief greeting, let the prospect know the reason for the call and why they should care in under 25 seconds (2-3 short sentences).
  • Write out rebuttals that the telemarketer might need to handle common objections.  Create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet with appropriate responses the telemarketer can use to overcome objections.
  • Remember the goal of a call is to generate interest, get basic information and establish a follow up contact, NOT to sell your product or service.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to pack too much into each call.

Energy Lead Generation Scripts

Here are a couple outlines for different telemarketing scripts.  You may need to change the formats included here to match your business.