Merchant Processing Lead Telemarketing

Generating leads of small businesses that need to save on merchant processing costs is a staple of the telemarketing.  These campaigns can vary widely in scope from generating leads that reflect interest with only a couple verification questions, to long forms the telemarketer needs to fill out before submitting a lead.  The more information that needs to be gathered the more qualified the data being called needs to be to ensure a high conversion rate.

Most merchant processing leads being gathered are basically:

  • Business credit card processing leads

The specifics of each merchant processing lead generating campaign will vary based on each client’s needs. Here are a few items to consider before starting a telemarketing lead generation campaign:

  • Make the campaign simple- get to the point and generate a lead, don’t try to sell on the first call.
  • Start off with a short greeting and explain the reason for the call within the first 30 seconds or risk losing the prospect’s attention.
  • Instead of asking for new info first ask simple verification questions like “I show your business name as…”  This will allow the telemarketer to build trust with the prospect.
  • Write out rebuttals that the telemarketer might need to handle common objections.  Think of these as opportunities to give more information as well as steer the conversation back to generating a lead.

Merchant Processing Lead Generating Scripts

Here are a couple basic credit card processing lead generating scripts.  You might need to change the form and questions based on your needs.  Remember the points made on in this section while crafting your script to ensure your draft iwill get good conversions.

Merchant Processing Lead Script
Credit Card Processing Lead Script