Recruiter Lead Telemarketing

Generating various types of leads for recruiters with telemarketing can be a great way to help businesses find great talent and people find new jobs.

Recruiters hiring telemarketers to generate leads will primarily focus on one or two different tasks

  • Finding job seekers
  • Finding companies looking to hire

Because the process for getting these leads will vary based on factors like the type of job here are several things to consider before getting a lead generation campaign underway:

  • Don’t over think your lead generation campaign – often the simplest processes yield the best results.
  • Instead of asking for new information first ask verification questions such as “according to our records you were recently looking for a job on…”  This will allow the telemarketer to establish trust with the prospect.
  • Build up a list of frequently asked questions then come up with simple answers the telemarketer can use to steer the call back to generating a lead.
  • Generating interest and doing some simple verification work should be the primary goal of each call.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to pack too much into each call.

Recruiter Lead Generation Scripts

Here are several basic recruiter scripts.  You may need to update the information included here to fit you specific needs.  Make sure you use the suggestions above while making changes and you will be able to make a quality first draft.

Job Seeker Lead Script