Telemarketing List Brokers

If you plan on running a telemarketing campaign one of the most important elements for success is getting a good calling list.  While some call centers will provide lists its usually best to get your own for several reasons:

  • Telemarketing companies will generally mark up the cost of calling lists they provide
  • Buying a new list ensures it is “fresh” and that more of the phone numbers will be in service
  • If the telemarketing company you hire has already run a similar campaign in your area calling the same list the returns will be very low
  • If you have the list you can use it for alternate marketing efforts like direct mail or emailing campaigns

When ordering a list here are a few basic terms that will usually be used:

  • Data – most people in the list industry will refer to a list as “data”.
  • Records – A “record” is an individual contact on the list.  You can think of each record as being a prospects and all the information about that individual.
  • Co-reg – or “co-registered data” is basically an opt-in for more information when a prospect was filling out a form for a different product or service online.  A basic example would be someone filling out a resume and profile on a job search website and clicking a box that they would also be interested in hearing from trade schools in the area.
  • Web leads– this type of data is from someone requesting more information on a specific product or service through a form on a website.
  • Aged leads – this type of data could be co-reg or actual web based leads that are over a certain number of days old.  These can be some of the most profitable, high converting data to use when telemarketing.