Telemarketing Basics

If you have never worked with an outsourcing company before its important to understand some basics about what kind of services are provided.  You can outsource nearly any task for your business these days.  There are companies and individuals that specialize in everything from order taking to high-end product sales.  For the sake of simplicity this site and its content will focus on a basic outsourced campaign: lead generation.

Many people confuse lead generation and appointment setting.  The main difference is that an appointment will have a fixed follow up time.  Setting appointments is a more complicated process, but its easy to make some simple changes to a lead generation campaign once it has been established and have the caller set appointments.

Deciding that you want to outsource your lead generation telemarketing campaign isn’t enough.  You need to put some further thought into exactly what you want to do to ensure your efforts are successful.  You need to have in mind exactly what you want to get out of a campaign before you begin.  Its not enough to decide you wants leads, you need to specify exactly what a lead is.  This might include a list of qualification questions that needs to be answered in specific ways for the lead to have value for you.

There are two main types of outbound telemarketing campaigns, business to business and business to consumer.  Both have specific challenges for small businesses looking to generate leads through telemarketing.