Telemarketing Process

Now you have your script, you’ve decided on who you want to hire its time to think of the overall process.  Some of the items to consider:

  • Calling list – many telemarketing centers will require you to provide the data to be called.  If you don’t already have a list of prospects there are many reputable list brokers that can sell you data that matches your criteria for prospects.
  • How will you delivers the calling list and script to your telemarketer?
  • Are you going to be in contact to help train the person making calls on your behalf?
  • How will you receive the leads being generated?
  • How can you keep track and make sure your remote worker(s) are actually working?

Every company will handle these items differently.  At Hit Rate Solutions we operate in the following ways:

  • Our clients provide us with the calling lists to be used.  We can recommend telemarketing list brokers that other client’s are currently using with success.
  • All of our agents and trainers are available via email and any materials for a campaign can be sent to them directly.
  • Our telemarketers and training staff are directly accessible via email and phone (they are making outbound calls most of the time so its usually best tom email and let them call you).  We encourage our clients to be as active as possible in training agents for a campaign.
  • We can deliver leads in various ways based on client preferences.  Something as simple as a shared Google Docs spreadsheet can be used.  Some people prefer emailing Excel files, or using a CRM system.  We can even have the agent call you with every lead that is set.
  • One of the biggest benefits of hiring a telemarketing company is that they can keep track of agent hours and make sure they are being productive.  We use a time clock system and provide weekly reports.  We can also offer additional options such as call recordings and shared spreadsheets that update in real-time so you can see you agent working.  And, as mentioned above, our agents are directly available to you during their shifts.